Heaven Is Attached by a Slender Thread

Dangerbird Records, 2011

This Too Will Pass

Dangerbird Records, 2007

A Name Writ In Water

Level Plane Records, 2004

The Hum of the Electric Air!

Translucence, 2002
EPs and 7″s

Credible Threats

Dangerbird Records, 2010

On the Shore of the Wide World

Level Plane Records, 2005

Night Falls (split with the Wind-Up Bird)

Translucence, 2002 (cd); Paramnesia, 2006 (12″)

I Think This Is My Exit 7″

Troubleman Unlimited, 2002

Jeromes Dream split 7″

Translucence, 2001

A Cloud’s Fear of Kites : A Kite’s Fear of Heights

Garbage Czar Records, 2000

Ted Leo split 7″

Garbage Czar Records, 1999 (7″); Translucence, 2003 (cd)